Optima Formula B.V.

Optima Formula B.V.

We at Optima Formula believe that everyone should have access to the benefits that cannabis offers. This would make the world a better and above all a healthier place. Optima Formula is a very experienced company that manages the entire cultivation and production process of cannabidoid products in-house but also works globally with selected companies and farmers. We are not an importer or distributor, but a manufacturer. We have a complete internal quality control system, but we also use external laboratories to check our quality. Within the possibilities now available, we have developed the optimal products. For these products we have set the highest demands on quality and purity. This enables us to guarantee the best CBD oil and CBG oil on the market at home and abroad. We also have cannabinoid complexes, CBN oil, CBC oil, CBDV oil and THCV oil on the market. With our products you can be sure that there are no annoying side effects such as stoned, headaches or other complaints.

Optima Formula has a so called 'broad-spectrum' product, in which besides CBD also other cannabinoids of the cannabis plant are present. Of course we develop and test intensively, because we always strive for an optimal product. We now have unique cannabinoid complexes, which has come onto the market in several countries after various tests: Alpha cbd oil complex, Ultra cbd oil complex, THCV complex and Beta cbd oil complex. The results of these tests are extremely good and the feedback we receive from users is far above expectations. Our uniquely crossed, patented plants are ideally suited for this. In the meantime, we have gained so much knowledge that we are now growing different types of original landrace plants to obtain the original cannabinoid profiles. Also thanks to the knowledge of the late Ing. Ronald Glas we can develop unique recipes. Ing. Glas left behind 30 years of research and 1.8 Gb of data. Together with various parties, we are continuing his studies.

Our products: 
- contain 0% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and therefore have no psychoactive (stoned) effect.
- are completely legal, 100% natural and contain no (artificial) excipients.
- are made from plants that are grown 100% organically. These plants include specific crosses between Cannabis Sativa L. and Cannabis Indica. These patented crosses are EU certified and are known as one of the best medicinal plant combinations. These plants are grown using purified and revitalized spring water. This prevents polluted water with harmful residues, such as synthetic medicines, from getting into the plant or the final product.
- are made from extracts mixed with organic, Skal-certified cannabis seed oil. This ensures a clear oil, a fine taste and optimal synergy between the active substances. Cannabis seed oil also contains several minerals, (hemp) proteins, vitamins B and E, omega-3 fatty acids and carotene.
- Cannabis seed oil is produced in a protected medical laboratory which is pharmaceutically certified. As a result, all our products are guaranteed free of pesticides, toxins and bacteria. Each batch is toxicologically tested according to the (latest) European standards.


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