Intestinal detox in 1 day

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Intestinal detox in 1 day

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Bowel detox in 1 day!


Vegaqura Enzymdetox in 1 day.

Vegaqura Q-Start is the only detoxification cure in the Netherlands where the intestines are thoroughly cleaned within just one day. Undigested food and harmful bacteria sometimes cause a lot of physical problems there for years. Clean bowels are the start of better health and more vitality. And you don't even have to leave the house anymore. 



  • Bowel cleansing of only one day.                        
  • Removes food residues from the intestines.
  • Removes fungi and parasites.
  • Leave mucous membranes and 'good' bacteria intact.
  • Also cleans the small intestine.
  • Based on three years of fermented ingredients.
  • With enzymes from 150 types of fruit and vegetables.
  • Filtering process based on nanotechnology.
  • Removes toxins from blood, tissues and cells.
  • 100% natural products.
  • 100% vegan.
  • Visible result in the stool.
  • According to Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Complete set of Cleaning - Repair - Maintenance.
  • No harmful side effects.
  • New in Europe.
  • Great taste.
  • Method without pain.
  • Can be taken together with medication. 

Why do we have so many physical problems?

Do you ever suffer from abdominal pain or constipation, or do you have problems with your skin? Are you unable to lose weight permanently? Are you often tired and nothing really seems to help? There is a good chance that these kinds of complaints are mainly related to a polluted gastrointestinal tract. A shortage of digestive enzymes means that the body cannot cope with the abundance of proteins, carbohydrates and added elements from processed foods that you consume. The food is not digested, but remains in the intestinal mucosa. Here this undigested food is the cause of blockages, inflammation and poor nutrient absorption. Time for a big cleaning, time for Vegaqura Q-Start!


Why Q-Start?

Vegaqura Q-Start is a unique Bowel Detox that can give your body the dietary fibres and digestive enzymes to loosen and remove undigested food and harmful bacteria from the intestinal wall. You will be amazed at the amount of dirt that leaves your body the next day. Detoxification has never been easier. And safe, because it is pure food. You can also do it yourself at home. On a Saturday, for example. With Vegaqura Q-Start you immediately feel more energetic and vital. And probably also a little cleaner. The stool will come out the next morning in a normal way, so not as diarrhoea. The average Q-Start user goes to the toilet about three times and loses about 1.5 kg of dirt.


How can Q-Start be so effective?

Most detox / juice treatments require a minimum of seven days to achieve a noticeable result. Q-Start uses a much larger mix of natural ingredients: up to 150 different fruits and vegetables. These are also fermented for three years, which makes them extremely potent. In a high-tech filtering process, only the smallest molecules are selected, so that the absorption by the body takes effect immediately. Because of this unique production process, a Q-Start box delivers as many nutrients and enzymes as a long lasting juice cure. In addition, the enzymes leave the intestinal mucosa and the good bacteria untouched, so that recovery can be much faster.


Is 1 box Q-Start sufficient?

Q-Start contains all the ingredients to clean, repair and immediately nourish the intestines, so that one box of Q-Start is sufficient for a thorough detox. This is mainly due to the strength of the ingredients that have fermented for three years.


How often should I use Q-Start?

When using Q-Start for the first time, you are advised to analyse your stool. We can also help with this. When it is black, it means that food residues have come out, which have been stuck in the intestines for three years or more. In that case it is better to use Q-Start again 30 days later, until at least all black remains have been removed from your body.

In order to maintain your vitality and a good bowel function, we advise you to do a harmonic poisoning once every six months. The extent to which your bowels become contaminated again depends on your lifestyle, your diet and the extent to which your body can dispose of waste products. You can tell by your stool and energy level when it is time for detoxification again.


Why is Q-Start different from Hydrotherapy?

As with many natural health solutions, the two methods are not mutually exclusive, but complement each other perfectly. Hydrotherapy allows the intestine to relax better. As a result, stools are stimulated to leave the body and blockages and cramps can be reduced. Do you want an optimal result? Then opt for hydrotherapy on the day after Q-Start. From our experience we have found that the results with the combination Q-Start+Hydrotherapy can be called very successful. Are you looking for a reliable and good hydrotherapist? Please contact us and ask for a therapist in your area.


Important warning.

Have you still not been to the toilet on the evening of day 3 and do you feel your abdomen is clogged and bloated? Then it is advisable to do a bittersalt flush. At 6:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m., 10:00 p.m. and the next morning at 6:00 a tablespoon of bittersalt with 200 ml. water. Bittersalt is available at the chemist's and in the better natural shops.


What are the results of Q-Start?

For many people it can be quite shocking to see what leaves the body the next day. That's why we don't put the pictures with the results on this page. Have you become curious anyway? And aren't you afraid of some "shocking images"? Then take a look at the results page.


Chronic disorder like Crohn or PDS?

If you have a chronic disorder such as irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn's disease, Q-Start can provide temporary relief. However, a one-time treatment will not solve the problems in the long term. This requires lifestyle changes and dietary changes. Also, daily supplements will have to be taken for a period of three months. Your health will be determined, among other things, by the extent to which you can absorb nutrients and how well you can dispose of waste products. The role of the small intestine in particular is crucial in this story. So always make sure your small intestine is clean.


How do I proceed?

The morning after the intestinal cleansing you take a light fruit breakfast with some honey. At lunch you only take steamed vegetables and in the evening you can have a little quinoa or bulgur with the steamed vegetables. In the following days you slowly build up again and add carbohydrates to the food again. Try to keep the amount of dairy, cereals and processed foods on a low level for at least a week, so that the cleaned intestine can recover optimally. So buy mainly fresh and organic fruit and vegetables (possibly unprocessed meat) and leave sauces and food from suits or cans on the shelves for a while.


Broad spectrum Pro Biotics.

One of the most important things to take after the cure is a good quality, broad spectrum Pro Biotica. We use the Bio Kult series in our practice, because it gives the most results. We advise you to take it for 2 months. 

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