About us

Optima Formula.

Optima Formula stands for high quality and natural products that all contribute to a better quality of life. Our products have a positive effect on health and help to support the body against complaints and diseases. We test everything against medically published studies, including the worldwide Pubmed database. The main purpose of Optima Formula is therefore to address and remedy causes, not symptoms. We only choose the best quality and will not sell relatively cheaper, poor-functioning or unreliable products. Just like with the CBD oil, CBG oil and other cannabinoid products, we stand for quality!

Optima Health VOF

Our webshop is part of Optima Health VOF. Optima Health is a naturopathic practice with qualified (e.g. HBO Medical Basic Knowledge) naturopathic therapists and works together with Energetic Health Systems & Optima Formula. Energetic Health Systems is supplier of the medical equipment used in the naturopathic practice for diagnosis and treatment of chronic complaints and illnesses.

The products in the Optima Formula range are very well suited to the support of the various causes, which can lead to various (chronic) complaints and illnesses. Our products have been extensively tested with the help of Optima Health's naturopathic therapists and various other doctors and therapists, using scientifically proven equipment. We always go out of our way and only want the best for our customers! We have tested 28 different brands in our practice. Measurements and results show that Optima Formula cannabinoid products are the best available to date. Maybe not the cheapest, but very effective and that is what it is all about in the end. And that is why we are now working together 1 on 1. Through this cooperation we only offer quality products with proven effectiveness. For questions about this collaboration, please visit our contact page.


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